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Book Tour for “The Essence of Perfection” by Nita Brooks (and some very important audiobook info…)

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Thank you @kensingtonbooks & @tlcbooktours for my gifted copy of ‘The Essence of Perfection‘ by Nita Brooks & for inviting me to be a stop on your digital Book Tour!

Wickedly entertaining, insightful, and always surprising, Nita Brooks delivers a delicious new novel about a celebrity perfume designer forced to add a daring new ingredient to her carefully curated life . . .

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Among the uber-famous, she’s the most highly sought-after fragrance maker—and a well-kept secret. But designing a scent for pop’s newest superstar could take Nicola King and her family’s business from elite to downright legendary. Of course, mystery is part of Nicola’s brand—so no one knows she’s actually an over-cautious person who always puts her own life on permanent hold. Until her ultra-personal list of regrets is accidentally put on a social media blast—and she’s challenged to go after everything she really wants.

From finding a hobby to reconnecting with a family member, Nicola’s getting some surprising results. But when she reveals her deepest, darkest secret of all to her troubled sister, the fallout threatens her budding romance, her career, and her reputation. Now between ambition, heartbreak, and hard truths, Nicola must risk the courage to fix the damage—and decide what success truly means.

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The Essence of Perfection‘ is a fun read while self-isolating! And a main character that you will root for! Not to mention the fact that you will be reminded how much social media can be both a pro & a con! ‘The Essence of Perfection‘ was released on 3/31 from Kensington Books. Thank’s again, TLC Book Tours! Look for this book at your local, independent bookstore! Click HERE to look for it using BookStoreLink. The independent bookstores need our sales right now more than ever!

And if audiobooks is your jam, I encourage you to use the app. is an audiobook app that supports independent bookstores with their audiobook sales. I LOVE listening to audiobooks during the day while I am on the go & saving my physical books for evening time in my rocker with my cozy blankey & a cuppa tea. Sometimes audiobooks just make certain books so much more engaging & better, & you are STILL supporting the author, publisher & bookstore with your audiobook purchases.

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And as always, stay home, stay safe, stay sane. Now go wash your hands…

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To help out our bookseller community, has partnered with a range of artists to create 10 pairs of socks for book lovers. Profits will go to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation to support booksellers across the nation affected by COVID-19.

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These one-of-a-kind socks feature art from illustrators, authors, and designers who love books just as much as you do.

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Pull on your socks, put on an audiobook, & stay safe at home while supporting booksellers across the nation.

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Share this campaign with #SocksforBinc & tag them at @librofm! I am planning to buy a few pairs for myself & my daughter.

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I LOVE using my app & audiobooks really help get me through some long days. My son can’t get over how quickly he has been getting through his TBR list by incorporating audiobooks into his reading. He goes on a long run or walk & gets through several chapters of a book (he uses 1.8x speed, I use 1.25x usually.) My referral code is also MOMLOVESREADING if you want to use it that way.

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So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today! Or at least add some cool socks & audiobooks to your to-do list & spend some of that stimulus money (when you get it) on indie bookstores. I plan to, for sure!

And as always, stay home, stay safe, stay sane! Now go wash your hands!