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My first blog post of 2021! (and a new book for you check out!)

It’s Selfie Sunday! I am currently chilling in my cozy office & just finished reading ‘Not My Boy‘ by Kelly Simmons which pubs this Tues, 1/5. Thank you @kellyasimmons for my gift copy of this fantastic book! (Readers, please click HERE to visit my Instagram post & give it a LIKE if you would.馃槈)

馃尣Q: Who else still has their Christmas tree up with no intention of taking it down anytime soon? I just love mine so much! Since it has all the pretty pink on it, I think it will just have to stay up & pass as a Valentine’s Tree! (Which btw, is my wedding anniversary…馃挄)

馃摎This weekend I’ve been getting all my new planners & goal lists together, & then I have to get my massive grocery list together for my next shopping trip when the kids go back to school on Tues. And I have so many appts to make for various things. Procrastination is the monkey on my back that I need to work on in 2021, that’s for sure! Anyhow, on to the book…

Who will you cross to protect your own?
When Hannah packs up her past & moves to the cottage next-door to her sister, she hopes the luxe neighborhood & close family ties will be the perfect escape for her son & the shadows that trail them. But when a young girl goes missing days after they unload their final boxes & her son is quickly thrown under suspicion, Hannah must do whatever it takes to protect her child.

Even if that means pointing the blame her sister’s way instead.
With investigators swarming & neighborhood scrutiny closing in, the divide between two sisters grows. As one fiercely defends her husband, the other shields her boy from the crime, keeping quiet the secrets that might unravel it all. And all the while, one young girl has vanished, & someone is to blame.

Not My Boy‘ is a pulse-pounding, fast-paced, suspense-filled, family drama/thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. I am really looking forward to reading more from Kelly like her previous releases ‘Where She Went’, ‘The Fifth of July’ & ‘One More Day’. Add any or all of these books to your TBR lists now & buy ‘Not My Boy‘ this Tuesday.

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My sixth novel NOT MY BOY arrives January 5, 2021, & will also be available in audiobook & who knows, maybe a Netflix series is next? It was compared to BIG LITTLE LIES by Booklist in a starred review, & NYTimes Bestseller phenom Julie Clark, author of LAST FLIGHT, called it “propulsive & impossible to put down.” All of my books have been applauded by bestselling authors like Megan Abbott, Caroline Leavitt, & Sarah Pekkanen. They’ve been hailed as “great titles for book groups who love strong female characters” by the Library Journal. Publishers Weekly called my first novel, Standing Still “An electrifying debut” in its starred review. Even Kirkus likes me! Maybe you’d enjoy discovering a new-to-you author? I’ve visited hundreds & hundreds of book clubs via Zoom, FaceTie, Google Hangouts or in person. I’d love to meet with yours.
For book signing events or more information, see my website kellysimmonsbooks.com. Or friend me on Facebook (kellyatbubble) or follow me on Insta (kellyasimmons) or twitter (kellysimmons) for more giveaways & fun!

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Book Review: ‘Only Human’ by Diane Chandler (pub 9/8)

Thank you @blackbird_bks for my gifted copy of ‘Only Human‘ by Diane Chandler! (pub date 9/8)

QOTD: Do you like to try out new authors or do you stick to specific ones? Personally, I love discovering new authors & I am very glad to have been introduced to the writing talent of Diane Chandler.

Every betrayal has a consequence…One family…one summer…one woman…

Anna Bond is floundering. Tiger mom to tricky teen Sophie, now slipping through her fingers, & loyal wife to big sociable Ollie, whom she no longer trusts, what does she do next with her life? Once a confident career woman, after so many years at home & the school gate, Anna now finds her mind is chattering & her soul is searching – for what matters.

Then Jack walks into their lives. Sophie鈥檚 first boyfriend is a breath of fresh air for the whole family, & Anna gradually discovers new purpose for herself. But when deceit creeps in, tensions surface, & she finds herself propelled through a tangled web of secrets & lies towards a devastating climax.

This is my first book by Diane Chandler & it will not be my last. ‘Only Human‘ is a very profound, heartbreaking, poignant, beautifully told story about the human condition w/ vividly fleshed out characters that are realistically portrayed throughout the pages. It’s an all-consuming family drama that was truly hard to put down.

Only Human‘ is a very thought-provoking, well-written, relatable story about family dynamics that also has some humor woven in as well. I highly recommend this book, which is available now.

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Diane was a political lobbyist in Brussels before then working at the European Commission in overseas aid for several years. Back in London, she joined the Ukraine and Africa desks at the Department for International Development (DFID). Her first novel, The Road to Donetsk, draws on her experiences in overseas aid. Her second, Moondance, on the emotional impact of fertility treatment. Her third novel, Only Human, is about a woman struggling to find new meaning in life after her husband cheats on her and her only daughter flies the nest. Diane co-runs Creative Writing Workshops London with Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Digital Books, and also coaches aspiring writers. She hosts聽www.Chiswickbuzz.net聽book club Words with Wine in W4.

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Book Review: “The Imperfects” by Amy Meyerson

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Thank you @parkrowbooks for my gifted copy of “The Imperfects” by Amy Meyerson! (pub date 5/5)

From the bestselling author of The Bookshop of Yesterdays comes a captivating new novel about a priceless inheritance that leads one family on a life-altering pursuit of the truth.

The Millers are far from perfect. Estranged siblings Beck, Ashley and Jake find themselves under one roof for the first time in years, forced to confront old resentments and betrayals, when their mysterious, eccentric matriarch, Helen, passes away. But their lives are about to change when they find a secret inheritance hidden among her possessions鈥攖he Florentine Diamond, a 137-carat yellow gemstone that went missing from the Austrian Empire a century ago.

Desperate to learn how one of the world鈥檚 most elusive diamonds ended up in Helen鈥檚 bedroom, they begin investigating her past only to realize how little they know about their brave, resilient grandmother. As the Millers race to determine whether they are the rightful heirs to the diamond and the fortune it promises, they uncover a past more tragic and powerful than they ever could have imagined, forever changing their connection to their heritage and each other.

Inspired by the true story of the real, still-missing Florentine Diamond, “The Imperfects” illuminates the sacrifices we make for family and how sometimes discovering the truth of the past is the only way to better the future.


鈥淎 page-turning family saga, this book will entertain readers of all generations.鈥 鈥Good Morning America

鈥淐ompassionate, thoughtful, and surprisingly moving鈥 [The Imperfects] will satisfy fans of Maggie Shipstead and Celeste Ng.鈥 鈥擝ooklist

The title of the book sums up the main characters perfectly! “The Imperfects” is a complex, multi-layered novel about dysfunctional family relationships, namely siblings, with some romance, humor, & mystery laced in as well. Multi-generational & fun to read, it is well-crafted, heartwarming, profound, & utterly spellbinding, with flawed characters you will love getting to know. And a 137-carat diamond?? What the what?!?

Look for “The Imperfects‘ at your local bookseller & be sure to check out Amy’s last novel, “The Bookshop of Yesterdays“, another wonderful book! You can find these books locally at an independent bookseller by using BookStoreLink. Simply type in the title of any book (or the author), & your state, & it will pull up all the indie bookstores near you. Many have ecommerce platforms to order from, too.

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Editorial reviews:

“[A] cracking tale… Meyerson makes the family arguments deliciously realistic, and her gradual uncovering of the heirloom鈥檚 secrets will keep readers turning the pages. This well-spun tale is a charming reminder that familial reconciliation can be worth a fortune.” 鈥Publishers Weekly, A Summer Reads 2020 Pick

鈥淒elicious, compulsively readable鈥 Both a gripping mystery and a family tale of imperfect people鈥 Large gemstones have a certain magic of their own, and Meyerson expertly captures that fascination, in her wonderful tracing of the origin of the secret brooch. I read this book morning and night until it was done, unable to break free of its spell. A sheer delight.鈥 鈥Janet Fitch, bestselling author of White OleanderThe Revolution of Marina M., and Chimes of a Lost Cathedral

鈥淎my Meyerson has created a captivating story about a hilariously dysfunctional family that comes into a shocking inheritance鈥攁 world-famous, priceless 137-carat diamond. Part expertly-plotted historical mystery, part tender family drama, and part juicy international caper, The Imperfects has it all. An absolute pleasure to read, guaranteed to have readers turning the pages late into the night.鈥 鈥Angie Kim, bestselling author of Miracle Creek

鈥淭he matriarch of a perfectly imperfect family bequeaths them the perfect diamond鈥攂ut is it a family heirloom or stolen treasure? In this clever, meticulously plotted tale of secrets, family dynamics, and resilience, Amy Meyerson takes readers on a what-if journey filled with equal parts history, tenderness, and intrigue.鈥 鈥Cynthia Swanson, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookseller and The Glass Forest

The Imperfects is many things, all of them wonderful: a tale of the calamity and change of the twentieth century; a finely observed character study that focuses on the deliciously memorable Miller family; and a true page-turner that enthralled me from the start. It鈥檚 also a work of grace, sensitivity, and perfectly observed attention to detail… Certain to delight and entrance its readers.鈥 鈥Jennifer Robson, bestselling author of The Gown

鈥淭he author portrays complex relationships with insight and finesse鈥 [An] entertaining multigenerational saga about sacrifice, self-reliance, and what it means to be family.鈥 鈥Kirkus Reviews

The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson is an addictive and beautifully written novel about siblings, family secrets and the unraveling of the real historical mystery of the Florentine diamond. Each one of the Miller鈥檚 well-drawn stories and their search to uncover their matriarch鈥檚 past, her narrow escape from the Holocaust and her connection to the Florentine diamond, kept me quickly turning the pages. I absolutely devoured this novel鈥攁 riveting family saga with the pace of a thriller.鈥 鈥Jillian Cantor, bestselling author of The Lost Letter and In Another Time

鈥淗elen Auerbach must have stolen the Florentine Diamond. Why else would an ordinary woman have kept the long-lost gem, once the property of Austrian royalty, hidden for so long? When Helen dies, her family must put their differences aside if they want to have any hope of holding on to this unexpected inheritance and, more importantly, unraveling the mystery of Helen鈥檚 past and clearing the matriarch鈥檚 name. Amy Meyerson鈥檚 second novel The Imperfects is a book that shines as brightly as the jewel at the center of its tale and will leave readers wondering what mysteries might be hidden in their own pasts, waiting to be revealed.鈥 鈥Meghan MacLean Weir, author of The Book of Essie

鈥淐ompelling鈥 Readers who enjoy realistically drawn characters, family dynamics, and the power of history will appreciate this novel.鈥 鈥Library Journal

“Compassionate, thoughtful, and surprisingly moving, this dysfunctional family saga will satisfy fans of Maggie Shipstead and Celeste Ng.鈥 鈥Booklist

鈥淚n this absorbing historically based drama, an American family must prove its rightful ownership of an inherited diamond that’s been missing from the Austrian crown jewels for more than a century.鈥 Shelf Awareness

“The Bookshop of Yesterdays” (pub 6/18, ParkRow Books)
A woman inherits a beloved bookstore and sets forth on a journey of self-discovery in this poignant debut about family, forgiveness and a love of reading.

Miranda Brooks grew up in the stacks of her eccentric Uncle Billy鈥檚 bookstore, solving the inventive scavenger hunts he created just for her. But on Miranda鈥檚 twelfth birthday, Billy has a mysterious falling-out with her mother and suddenly disappears from Miranda鈥檚 life. She doesn鈥檛 hear from him again until sixteen years later when she receives unexpected news: Billy has died and left her Prospero Books, which is teetering on bankruptcy鈥攁nd one final scavenger hunt.