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Murderino Monday Book Review: “How to Catch a Killer: Hunting and Capturing the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killers”

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Time for a Murderino Monday book! Thank you @sterlingbooks for my gifted copy of “How to Catch a Killer: Hunting & Capturing the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killers” by Katherine Ramsland, PhD!

There are two parts to every crime story: how they did it & why they got caught.This book is about the second part, & how it changes the way we catch serial killers.

No two stories about the capture of a serial killer are the same. Sometimes, the killers make crucial mistakes; other times, investigators get lucky. And the process of profiling, hunting, & apprehending these predators has changed radically over time, particularly in the field of criminal forensics, which has exploded in the last ten to 15 years. Laser ablation, video spectral analysis, cyber-sleuthing, & even DNA-based genetic genealogy are now crucial tools in solving murders, including the recent capture of the so-called Golden State Killer. This first book in the new Profiles in Crime series tells the history of forensics through the “capture stories” of some of the most notorious serial killers, going back almost a century.

How serial killers are profiled, hunted, & caught is equally as compelling as the narratives of the crimes themselves. In “How to Catch a Killer“, the history of forensic innovation, detailed behavioral profiling, & solid police work is told through 30 international “capture stories” of infamous & lesser-known serial killers, from 1898 to 2003.

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Some of the killers included in this book are so many of the ones we have all heard of before: Bundy, Dahmer, BTK, the Golden State Killer, Gacy, H H Holmes, Israel Keyes, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker), Aileen Wuornos, & Ed Kemper, but there are even more that you may never have heard of, but will now haunt your thoughts.

Fun fact: I majored in Forensic Psychology & Criminology for 3 yrs in college (then I got preg w/ my twins & quit school.) I wanted to be a forensic profiler. Now I just read about them, but it all still fascinates the heck out of me & I love reading books like this one, not to mention watching all the serial killer documentaries & listening to podcasts about them as well.

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This is such a good read for anyone into the whole “true crime” scene like I am. Be sure to check out some of Ramsland’s other books by clicking HERE. There are so many great ones to choose from! I plan to read several more of her books now. “How to Catch a Killer” is available 4/21. Don’t forget to check with your local indie bookstores to see if they have this book (or any others you may want) or if they will order it for you. They need our help right now more than ever! Click HERE to look for a bookseller near you by using

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And as always…Stay home, Stay safe, Stay sane! Now go wash your hands!

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Book Review: “Wow, No Thank You”, “We are Never Meeting in Real Life” and “Meaty” by Samantha Irby (and Giveaway Reminder!)

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Thank you @vintageanchorbooks for my gifted copies of “We Are Never Meeting In Real Life” & “Meaty” by Samantha Irby! I preordered “Wow, No Thank You“, too!

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🐰A new rip-roaring essay collection from the smart, edgy, hilarious, unabashedly raunchy, & bestselling Samantha Irby about aging, marriage, settling down with step-children in white, small-town America, health food & skincare obsessions, money trouble, the real story of glamorous Hollywood life & more.
🦔Beloved writer Samantha Irby returns to the printed page for her much-anticipated, sidesplitting third book following “Meaty” and NYT bestselling “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life“.

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🐱Irby is turning forty, & increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin. She has left her job as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, has published successful books & is courted by Hollywood, left Chicago, & moved into a house with a garden that requires repairs & know-how with her wife & two step-children in a small white, Republican town in Michigan where she now hosts book clubs. This is the bourgeois life of dreams.
🐰She goes on bad dates with new friends, spends weeks in L.A. taking meetings with “skinny, luminous peoples” while being a “cheese fry-eating slightly damp Midwest person,” “with neck pain & no cartilage in [her] knees,” & hides Entenmann’s cookies under her bed & unopened bills under her pillow.

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🦔The essays in this collection draw on the raw, hilarious particulars of Irby’s new life. “Wow, No Thank You” is Irby at her most unflinching, riotous, & relatable.
🐱I had never heard of Irby before until my daughter introduced me to her books & I am so glad! Irby is relatable, freaking hilarious, raw, & I felt like I was reading her diary because some of her essays were so personal & unfiltered. I could totally relate to several of her observations & middle-age conundrums. I literally laughed out loud many times!
📚If you need a good laugh (don’t we all right now?), all 3 of Irby’s books are now available. Please contact your local indie bookstores for availability or ordering. Click on the highlighted book titles above to be taken to which helps you look for the titles you want at independent bookstores whether they are local or in another town (many will ship books to you.) They need us right now as much as the authors do! ❤️

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Book Review: “Four Faces of Femininity: Heroic Women Throughout History” by Barbara McNally

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Thank you @Booksparks for my gifted copy of Four Faces of Femininity: Heroic Women Throughout History by Barbara McNally & for inviting me on the Pop Up Book Tour for this AMAZING book! This book is available on Tuesday, April 7th!

Photo Copyright Barbara McNally

Four Faces of Femininity tells the story of remarkable women who, through their creativity, passion, intelligence, & sheer determination, have left an indelible mark on the history of humankind. The book is divided into four sections, with figures placed in Mother, Lover, Warrior, or Sage..Accessible, informative, & uplifting, Four Faces of Femininity explores the many ways in which women have changed the course of history—and demonstrates how crucial it is that women from every background be provided with role models that inspire. The book includes questions for exploration to help modern multifaceted women see these qualities in themselves & balance them to lead a fuller life.

Photo Copyright Barbara McNally

This book is absolutely GORGEOUS inside & out! This is a nice sized, heavy paperback (8.5 x 11) filled with beautiful, glossy pages (the book literally smells ahhh-mazing!) As mentioned, it is divided into four sections, with each section starting with a brief description:

Mother: The nurturing, healing, empathic side of a woman

Lover: The passionate, playful, creative side of a woman

Warrior: The assertive, determined, fierce side of a woman

Sage: The Intuitive, spiritual, wise side of a woman

Each section has several women featured in beautiful, artistic style color. Honestly, I may buy a second book just to pull some of the pages out for framing, since some of my favorite women in history are in this wonderful book, such as Julia Child, Michelle Obama, & Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At the end of each section there is a discussion area called ‘questions for exploration’ & some exercises (not like squats & crunches, but mental & focus kind.) There are also some fantastic quotes from famous women in history throughout the book.

Photo Copyright Barbara McNally

This book is just such a piece of art, it would be a fantastic coffee table conversation piece, & with the questions, exercises, & brilliant content, it would make an excellent book club choice! The cover art & the illustrations throughout the book are by Marta Signori. Click on her name to see her Instagram page and her more of her amazing artwork!

Photo Copyright Barbara McNally

Barbara McNally is the author of Unbridled, a soulful memoir of personal liberation, and Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife, firsthand accounts of woman thrust into the role of caregiver when their spouses return from the battlefield with major wounds. These stories inspired the launch of the Barbara McNally Foundation, which offers seminars, scholarships, and workshops dedicated to enhancing the lives of women. Barbara is a licensed physical therapist who makes her home in Southern California, where she juggles the responsibilities of being a mother, lover, warrior, and sage.

This book will be released on Tuesday, April 7th. Click HERE to find Four Faces of Femininity at a nearby independent bookstore using It is so important now more than ever to get our book purchases from independent bookstores since they are already feeling the economical effect of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. Please try to find your book purchases locally or from an independent bookstore that has an online store or one that will take a phone order and ship it to you. (Amazon does NOT need our help right now…just saying.)

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And as always, stay safe, stay home, stay sane! Now go wash your hands…

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GIVEAWAY time! Two winners! And that’s no April Fooling!

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GIVEAWAY TIME! Thank you @torbooks for my gifted copies of “You Let Me In” by Camilla Bruce! (Pub date 4/21!)

“You Let Me In” delivers a stunning tale from debut author Camilla Bruce, combining the sinister domestic atmosphere of Gillian Flynn’s “Sharp Objects” with the otherwordly thrills of Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”.

Cassandra Tipp is dead…or is she?

After all, the notorious recluse & eccentric bestselling novelist has always been prone to flights of fancy–everyone in town remembers the shocking events leading up to Cassie’s infamous trial (she may have been acquitted, but the insanity defense only stretches so far).

Cassandra Tipp has left behind no body–just her massive fortune, & one final manuscript.Then again, there are enough bodies in her past–her husband Tommy Tipp, whose mysterious disembowelment has never been solved, & a few years later, the shocking murder-suicide of her father & brother..Cassandra Tipp will tell you a story–but it will come with a terrible price. What really happened, out there in the woods–& who has Cassie been protecting all along? Read on, if you dare….

This book is atmospheric, imaginative, bewitching & brilliantly seductive…exactly the kind of book TOR publishing is known for! This debut novel is creepy, weird & unusual with an ending you won’t see coming!

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Book Review: “Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy: Navigating the Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Journey From Conception Through Birth and Beyond”

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Thank you @wunderbookspr for my gifted copy of “Bumpin’: Navigating the Wild, Weird, & Wonderful Journey from Conception Through Birth & Beyond”!

Tech investor & new mom Leslie Schrock offers a thoroughly modern guide to pregnancy—from the preparations of “trimester zero” to the challenges of the newborn months.

In the last thirty years, the process of starting a family has drastically changed. Not only are there many more options for getting pregnant, but there are a dizzying array of variables from start to finish. Genetic test or no genetic test? Midwife or OB-GYN? Stroller or Baby Bjorn?

Yet all this choice can also create anxiety, especially around the most difficult realities. Miscarriages & fertility issues are common, yet often concealed. One in nine mothers report dealing with postpartum depression, but it is rarely acknowledged & even more rarely treated. Celebrities post “snap-back” photos of their slim post-baby bodies, creating unrealistic expectations for women everywhere. We have more information than ever, yet nearly every aspect of motherhood is still shrouded in judgment and mystery.

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Enter Leslie Schrock, first-time mother whose own struggles opened her eyes to this widespread problem. With the frank, funny warmth of a trusted friend, she delves into everything from in vitro fertilization & prenatal testing to lactation consultants & postpartum birth control. She debunks the most pervasive pregnancy myths, explores the complementary practices, & cites the latest science (with a dash of been-there-done-that experience) to help you make the best decisions every step of the way—for both you & your baby.

So tune out all of the noise you don’t need, & take control of your pregnancy—present or future.

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I wish this book was available back when I had each of my 5 kids! This book is chock full of essential, useful, relevant information that will help take some of the stress off new moms or mothers-to-be, & it’s perfect for dads & partners as well. Some of the popular books out there like “What to Expect…”are outdated & obsolete in today’s modern world.

“Bumpin'” is literally the only pregnancy book you or your pregnant friend, family member or partner will ever need! It’s available now online & at bookstores.

Also, a very special Thank You to my daughters friend (and my friend as well), Sierra, for being my beautiful, baby bump model! 😘

Stay safe, stay home, and stay sane! (Now go wash your hands…)

Book Reviews · BOTMs,

The April Book-of-the-Month selections are up!

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The April BOTM’s are up! (And I wasn’t even sure there would BE BOTM’s for April, so what a pleasant surprise!)
📚For those of you asking “What the heck are BOTM’s?”, let me introduce you! Book of the Month is an online book subscription club that has 5 selections each month, you can choose (1) as your monthly pick for only $14.99 & then up to (2) more for only $9.99 each (plus tax, but shipping is always FREE!)

📚They are hardbacks & for less than half of what you would pay elsewhere! Most of the selections are early release editions, meaning you can get a copy before everyone else! Not only that, after you have received (12) BOTM boxes, you become a BFF!

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📚As a BFF you get a FREE tote bag, a FREE add-on book during your birthday month, & every winter when they announce the (5) BOTM Book-of-the-Year finalists, you choose one of them for FREE, too! (I will get to choose my birthday add-on at the end of April when the May selections come out! Yay!!)

📚I have been a BOTM member for 3 yrs now & I love it! You can skip any months you choose to, cancel at anytime, & the BOTM customer service folks are the BEST!
📚If I haven’t convinced you yet how great BOTM is, how about getting your first book for $5? Use my link (or click HERE) Or email me at & I will send you my referral link that way so you can get the deal!

Here are this months selections & if you click on the title, it will take you to the Book of the Month page that has the description of the book & why the judges chose that book:

“The Paris Hours” by Alex George (Historical Fiction & Early Release! Pub date is 5/5 from Flatiron Publishing.)

“Beach Read” by Emily Henry (Romance & Early Release! Pub date is 5/19 from Berkley Publishing.)

“The Guest List” by Lucy Foley (Thriller & Early Release! Pub date is 5/5 from William Morrow Books.)

“The Library of Legends” by Janie Chang (Historical Fantasy & Early Release! Pub date is 5/12 from William Morrow.)

“Valentine” by Elizabeth Wetmore (Literary Fiction & Debut author! Pub date 3/31 from Harper.)

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📚I am choosing Lucy Foley’s “The Guest List” (I already have an arc of “Beach Read”) & I may grab another book as an add-on (not sure yet). I’m not expecting to see the book(s) I choose anytime soon anyhow due to CoVid shipping delays.
💁🏼‍♀️What are you choosing? Are you skipping this month? Are you a member? And if not, what are you waiting for? It’s such an inexpensive way to get early releases & best seller hardback books! Give it a try! Click HERE to get started!

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“Little Fires Everywhere”…the book and the Hulu series…

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So who else has been watching ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ on Hulu? It’s freaking good, am I right?!

From the bestselling author of ‘Everything I Never Told You’, (one of my FAVORITE books of all time!), comes a riveting novel that traces the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family & the enigmatic mother & daughter who upend their lives..In Shaker Heights, a placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is planned–from the layout of the winding roads, to the colors of the houses, to the successful lives its residents will go on to lead. And no one embodies this spirit more than Elena Richardson, whose guiding principle is playing by the rules.

Photo Copyright Hulu

Enter Mia Warren–an enigmatic artist & single mother–who arrives in this idyllic bubble with her teenaged daughter Pearl, & rents a house from the Richardsons. Soon Mia & Pearl become more than tenants: all four Richardson children are drawn to the mother-daughter pair. But Mia carries with her a mysterious past & a disregard for the status quo that threatens to upend this carefully ordered community.

When old family friends of the Richardsons attempt to adopt a Chinese-American baby, a custody battle erupts that dramatically divides the town–& puts Mia & Elena on opposing sides. Suspicious of Mia & her motives, Elena is determined to uncover the secrets in Mia’s past. But her obsession will come at unexpected & devastating costs.

Photo Copyright Hulu

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art & identity, & the ferocious pull of motherhood–& the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

First off, you will only understand why I have a copy of “The Vagina Monologues” in my pic if you have been watching the show (spoiler alert: there is a different book in the ‘book’ version of LFE.) I watched all the available episodes yesterday (new ones drop on Weds) & I find it pretty riveting..Both Witherspoon & Washington bring their A-games to this screen adaptation! (Fun fact: Did you know Celeste Ng grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio?) I am LOVING seeing & hearing all the 90’s nostalgia in the show since that’s when this takes place!

Who else has been watching the show? What are your thoughts? Or have you read the book? And don’t forget you can also get this book on audio by going to & using my code MOMLOVESREADING to get a 3-for-1 special on audiobooks. Click HERE to go straight to this book.

Stay safe out there, everyone, & let’s flatten this curve together! (Now go wash your hands…)