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Book Review: “This is How I Lied” by Heather Gudenkauf

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Thank you @parkrowbooks for my gifted copy of “This is How I Lied” by the always amazing Heather Gudenkauf! (pub date 5/12–my BDAY!)

Everyone has a secret they’ll do anything to hide…

Twenty-five years ago, the body of sixteen-year-old Eve Knox was found in the caves near her home in small-town Grotto, Iowa—discovered by her best friend, Maggie, & her sister, Nola. There were a handful of suspects, including her boyfriend, Nick, but without sufficient evidence the case ultimately went cold.

For decades Maggie was haunted by Eve’s death & that horrible night. Now a detective in Grotto, & seven months pregnant, she is thrust back into the past when a new piece of evidence surfaces & the case is reopened. As Maggie investigates & reexamines the clues, secrets about what really happened begin to emerge. But someone in town knows more than they’re letting on, & they’ll stop at nothing to keep the truth buried deep.

Gudenkauf has been on my “automatic buy” list of authors since I read her first book years ago. I would seriously buy her grocery list if she published it! I have loved all of her previous books, but I think this one if my new fave of hers! (Plus, “This is How I Lied” was released on my Bday, so there’s that…)

This suspenseful tale is told from 2 POV’s & in dual timelines. It’s well-written, perfectly paced, shocking & twisty, & a gasp outloud ending. I love unsolved murders in fiction novels so I can try to figure out the whodunnit & why along the way & the best books (like this one) are the one’s where you are truly surprised in the end. “This is How I Lied” is a true page turner that captivates the readers attention from the get go & doesn’t let up.

I am will always be a fan of Heather’s (& LoLo…her gorgeous dog!) & she has never disappointed me with her novels! I encourage you to get this book & check out her previous novels as well. Be sure to shop your local independent bookstores first. They need our sales now more than ever! This pandemic is knocking over businesses left & right & I would hate to lose any of our bookstores.

More editorial reviews:

“Once again Heather Gudenkauf proves herself the master of the smart, suspenseful small-town thriller that gets right under your skin…. The question of who can be trusted, and how far, will have you racing to the end. I was utterly absorbed.” —Gilly Macmillan, New York Times bestselling author of What She Knew and The Nanny

“A twisty, evocative tale of the danger of secrets and the power the past has to lead us down deliciously dangerous paths. Immersive and richly atmospheric, This Is How I Lied intertwines page-turning suspense with characters that creep into your very bones…. An exhilarating thriller that shows Heather Gudenkauf is at the top of her game.” —Christina McDonald, USA Today bestselling author of The Night Olivia Fell

“Suspenseful… Through alternating viewpoints Gudenkauf keeps the tension high. Fans of dogged, resourceful female detectives will cheer Maggie every step of the way.” Publishers Weekly

“Be prepared for all kinds of surprises because nothing is as it seems in Heather Gudenkauf’s latest compulsive thriller, This Is How I Lied. Full of dark twists and turns, and questionable characters, this one will keep you wondering who did what, who will do what next, and if they’ll get away with it. Gudenkauf is a master at writing small-town creepy, and this novel deserves a top spot on your reading pile.” —Hannah Mary McKinnon, bestselling author of Her Secret Son, and The Neighbors

“Utterly chilling, This Is How I Lied is a deep, twisting mystery from a writer hitting her stride. You won’t see it coming, and you won’t be able to turn away.” —JT Ellison, New York Times bestselling author of Lie to Me

To add Heather’s books to your Goodreads, click on the links below:

This is How I Lied” (pub 5/20)

Before She Was Found” (pub 4/19)

Not A Sound” (pub 5/17)

Little Mercies” (pub 6/14)

One Breath Away” (pub 6/12)

These Things Hidden” (pub 1/11)

The Weight of Silence” (pub 7/09)

And be sure to use BookStoreLink to look for “This is How I Lied” & any other books at an independent bookstore. BookStoreLink can help you find the book along with bookstores websites, who has online sales, & all the other information you may need to get the books you want without going straight to the “billionaire’s website” (you know who I mean…).

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