Audiobooks · LibroFm helps out the book community even more with some cool bookish socks you can buy!

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To help out our bookseller community, has partnered with a range of artists to create 10 pairs of socks for book lovers. Profits will go to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation to support booksellers across the nation affected by COVID-19.

Step 1: Browse the Designs

These one-of-a-kind socks feature art from illustrators, authors, and designers who love books just as much as you do.

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Step 2: Name Your Price

All socks start at $15, but you can choose to pay as much as you’d like to increase your impact.

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Step 3: Support Booksellers

Pull on your socks, put on an audiobook, & stay safe at home while supporting booksellers across the nation.

***Spread the Word***

Share this campaign with #SocksforBinc & tag them at @librofm! I am planning to buy a few pairs for myself & my daughter.

Click HERE to learn more is an audiobook company that supports independent bookstores with their audiobook sales. I love audiobooks & I love that supports the little guys (& not the billionaire…). If you already enjoy audiobooks or are wanting to give them a try, I strongly encourage you to do so now. You can use my referral link HERE & get a 3-for-1 audiobook deal when you start your membership. There are no long term commitments & you can cancel anytime.

I LOVE using my app & audiobooks really help get me through some long days. My son can’t get over how quickly he has been getting through his TBR list by incorporating audiobooks into his reading. He goes on a long run or walk & gets through several chapters of a book (he uses 1.8x speed, I use 1.25x usually.) My referral code is also MOMLOVESREADING if you want to use it that way.

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Plenty of people are making the #audiobookswitch–choosing & their independent bookstore over the largest audiobook company out there (you know the name). Why? They were hoping you’d ask:

1- Support Local Bookstores

When you choose, you get to purchase audiobooks directly through your local bookstore of choice.

2- Enjoy Expert Bookseller Recommendations offers real recommendations from real people rather than algorithms which might be unreliable or harmful.

3- Own Your Audiobooks

They are 100% DRM-Free. With you actually own each audiobook purchased & have the freedom to download & listen on any device you like. Read more about our “cage-free” audiobooks.

4- Get 2 Free Audiobooks

Make the #AudiobookSwitch & get 2 free audiobooks when you start a monthly membership. That’s $14.99 for 3 audiobooks with the code “MOMLOVESREADING”.

5- Talk to Real People is staffed by real people who love local bookstores, audiobooks, & customers. Reach them at & they will get back to you, day or night.

6- Create Local Jobs

When you support your local bookstore, you’re supporting the individuals who work there & so much more.

Click HERE to learn more

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today! Or at least add some cool socks & audiobooks to your to-do list & spend some of that stimulus money (when you get it) on indie bookstores. I plan to, for sure!

And as always, stay home, stay safe, stay sane! Now go wash your hands!

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