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Book Review: “The New Girl Code: The Launch of a Fashion App” by Niki Smit

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Thank you @kaffienemedia & @thenewgirlcode for my gifted copy of the wonderful book, “The New Girl Code: The Launch of a Fashion App”!

Know of a young girl who loves technology and wants to become a programmer who wants to break the barriers to get into technology? Then this book will inspire her to take the necessary risks to follow her dreams.

“The New Girl Code” tells the story of 15 year old Charlie who discovers her love for coding and most importantly, herself, as she enters her Sophomore year. Charlie lives in Brooklyn. She is a little awkward and a lot uncertain — about her future, friendships, lack of relationships.

This all changes when she discovers, through her love of fashion and friendship, an idea for an app, The Fashionist. As Charlie and her friends grow the app to unimaginable heights of success, they learn to adapt to their new CEO roles. On the rise, Charlie encounters a catfish, betrayals, school gossip, bullying and more. Will she boss up and be the next level?

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What an absolutely inspiring book for STEM-minded or focused girls of any age! I took some website building classes in college & did a little coding, but this was before apps & smart phones became a thing, but it was really neat seeing my codes become something legible. My second oldest son is in IT & does coding & has worked on app creation. It’s so amazing how people takes their ideas & create something others want to download & use (ie: Instagram). 

“The New Girl Code” is female empowering, awe-inspiring, motivating, & insightful. It’s written in journal/diary entry style (which I always love!) & has some fun illustrations & inspirational quotes scattered throughout, which is fab! It’s only like $8 for the hardback on Amazon right now & for every book purchased the profits will go towards supporting underprivileged girls & provide them the book for free. Inspiring Fifty is a non-profit organization that aims to increase diversity in tech by making female role models in tech more visible..I highly recommend this book for the tweens, teens, & any reader in your life that is interested in coding & STEM!

Hope everyone is hanging in there during this self-isolation! Also, quick reminder to click HERE to go to my current Instagram giveaway (3 winners!). Here’s hoping this week is better than this past one for all of us!

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