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The Hazel Wood, The Night Country & a new release trilogy

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Thank you @flatiron_books & @librofm for my free copies of “The Hazel Wood” & “The Night Country” by Melissa Albert!

I received this beautiful, hardback copy of “The Hazel Wood” a couple years ago & never got around to reading it. Seriously, the cover is freaking gorgeous! Then when I received an audio version of “The Night Country” I knew it was time to listen to both. I listened to “The Hazel Wood” in one day! It was just so addictive! I sped it up to about 1.5x which was just right for me to keep up, then I started “The Night Country” the next day.

Both books are way outside of my usual comfort zone, but I did end up enjoying them. (I think I liked “The Hazel Wood” better than the 2nd one, mostly because the second book got sorta confusing for me, due to so many more characters than the first book.) The series is like “Once Upon a Time” the TV show meets Grimm fairytales, with a modern twist. These books are geared toward YA, but due to some of the graphic nature & language, I would say maybe 15 and up. There is some seriously twisted stuff in “The Night Country”. I was captivated by both books & the narrator was fantastic & narrated both books.

These books are dark, complex, creepy & atmospheric. There will be a third book coming in the future, and a screen version of “The Hazel Wood” is currently in production. If you are into creepy, modern/fantasy novel on audiobook, use my special code MOMLOVESREADING on the Librofm audiobook app, & get a 3-for-1 deal. You could get both of these books & then another one for free!

Librofm is the first audiobook company to support independent book stores with all of their audiobook purchases, they have over 125,000+ books to choose from, including new releases & best sellers, & once you download the audiobook to your phone, you don’t need to use wifi or data to listen to it. There are also many other audiobooks you can choose at a generous discount.You can cancel your subscription anytime, too.

I LOVE Librofm & the positive impact they have had on my reading! As a very busy mom on the go, I always have my phone & Airpods with me so I can listen to my current book. Make the switch from that other audiobook company today!

Click HERE for synopsis of “The Hazel Wood” and HERE for “The Night Country”.

And now, introducing another fantasy series…

INDIGO DUSK- A High Fantasy Romance

Indigo Dusk (The Aetherial Embrace Trilogy Book 1)” by Kristy Nicolle


When Kairi Freemont happens upon a winged man on her parents’ Tennessee Ranch, she’s given what she’s wanted ever since the day she was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: An escape from the pain of her chronic, invisible illness.
Through the power of the Aetherial Sun, Aro shows her there’s not only a place where her pain disappears but that she can live in a fairytale world of Unicorns, Fae, and magic she’s always wished was real. But when Kairi discovers that meeting Aro was no accident, that she may have lived a whole past life at Aro’s side before being stolen away by the monstrous Draconians, things start to spin out of control.
Are the Draconians, a race of banished dragon riders who have long since lost their precious reptilian steeds, as monstrous as the rest of Aetheria believes? And what lies at the heart of Aro’s motivation behind sweeping Kairi off her feet? Is it simply flirtation and his desire to give her a better life, or is the truth far more malicious than she could have ever expected?


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