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“You Were There, Too” by Colleen Oakley

You Were There Too

Thank you @Berkleypub {#partner} for my gifted copy of “You Were There Too” by Colleen Oakley!

Acclaimed author Colleen Oakley delivers a heart-wrenching and unforgettable love story about a woman who must choose between the man she loves and the man fate has chosen for her in a novel that reminds us that the best life is one led by the heart..Mia Graydon’s life looks picket-fence perfect; she has the house, her loving husband, and dreams of starting a family. But she has other dreams too — unexplained, recurring ones starring the same man.

Still, she doesn’t think much of them, until a relocation to small-town Pennsylvania brings her face to face with the stranger she has been dreaming about for years. And this man harbors a jaw-dropping secret of his own—he’s been dreaming of her too. Determined to understand, Mia and this not-so-stranger search for answers. But when diving into their pasts begins to unravel her life in the present, Mia emerges with a single question—what if?

Oh, my heart! Thank goodness I read this back when the weather was a bit warmer and cheerier! This book is a literal emotional roller coaster. It will pull on your heartstrings and then tie them into a double-knot. To say that you should have tissues close by is an understatement. You may need the whole box by the time you are through this book. I would say maybe read this in-between funny, rom-coms for a change of pace.

You may need to suspend belief a bit for some of the storyline, but it all blends together effortlessly. I loved Oakley’s last two books, “Before I Go” (out in 2015) and “Close Enough to Touch” (out in 2017) and if you are new to her books, she doesn’t mess around when it comes to creating endearing characters you will grow to love. Heartfelt, thought-provoking, unique and powerful, this book deals with so many human emotions, you will have a “reading hangover” after this one for sure!

Look for it at your local bookstore today or on audio apps like It published 1/7/20 by Berkley. And check out her other two books published by Gallery.

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